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Important Tips on How To Heal Faster After A Cosmetic Laser Treatment

Cosmetic laser treatment aftercare is essentialin ensuring you get the best possible results during your recovery process. Your skin is sensitive after the laser treatment, and hence you should take utmost care of the lasered skin.

1.     Sun Exposure

Exposure to sunlight after a cosmetic laser treatment may put your expectations in jeopardy. Skincare professionals require you to avoid direct sunlight for about a month after the procedure. Due to this, many patients prefer having their cosmetic laser treatments during fall and winter to give time for their skin to recover fully before summer. However, if you take your cosmetic laser treatment during summer, you should be cautious not to expose yourself to direct sunlight. Your skin is sensitive at this stage, and you need to handle it gently. Also, take care of sunlight that comes through windows either from your car, office or home. You can apply sunscreen with SPF 30 minimum for protection. However, be careful with other skin products until your skin heals completely. For purchase of a quality laser you can search online for The Laser Trader.

2.     Swelling

Swelling after the laser treatment is not uncommon. The extent of swelling depends on the depth of the treatment. You can gently apply cold compresses on your face, neck and chest to reduce swelling and improve your comfort. Continue with your cold compresses for at least 48 hours after the treatment. The swelling occurs as the body responds to the controlled injury treatment and eventual healing process.

Take about six cups of water in a large bowl and add an eighth cup of vinegar, soak several pieces of clean cloths and put the bowl in the fridge. Apply the cold compresses using the pieces of fabric more often for comfort and to prevent swelling. However, the compresses will remove the vaseline usually applied after treatment; hence reapply the vaseline as often or any other application used by your doctor.

3.     Mild Oozing

Mild bleeding on areas where laser treatment took place is not uncommon, and you can control the bleeding by mildly applying pressure on the skin using a clean piece of cloth. The bleeding on lasered skin is usually due to raised blood pressure. Increased blood pressure may be due to; heavy lifting, straining during bowel movement, heavy sneezing, heavy coughing, or other strenuous activities.

Consider taking a vacation after the treatment for at least ten days. Within the ten days, relax and avoid any strenuous activities that may raise your blood pressure. Take time off and be the boss. Sleeping in an elevated position will help immensely.

4.     Diet

After any treatment with anaesthesia, the standard procedure is to take water to clear your system. Prevent dehydration by taking fluids regularly and also consume high calories proteins. Do not skip meals; you need to help your skin recover fast by consuming proteins and ensuring you are not hungry. Beware of constipation due to reduced physical activities. To counter constipation take enough fruits, vegetables and drink enough water.

5.     Bathing

Do not use overly hot water after the treatment. Remember your skin is sensitive, and you should handle it gently. Use gentle cleansers to clean your face, and only use a soft towel to blot your skin dry, do not rub your face. Your skin may produce serum, a yellowish paste; it’s a natural body response to injury and helps protect the skin. Avoid aggressively removing the serum; the serum should come out in a few days.

The skin may peel off in about four days and may turn reddish and later pink. The pigmentation may take a while and mostly resolves by itself.


After the cosmetic laser treatment taking care of your skin is vital. It helps you achieve your expected results. Exposing your skin after treatment is detrimental, and you should avoid it at all costs; consult your doctor to recommend a suitable sunscreen. Keep your body hydrated; it is the sure way of keeping lubricated.

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