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What You Should Know About Reputation Monitoring Services For Individuals

Whether we want to admit it or not, almost everyone has a brand nowadays. Consciously or unconsciously we choose what to post or comment on when they go on social media. Others respond to comments with your name included. Others mention you when they make posts of their own. And if you’re active in forums or blogs, your mark goes even deeper.

For some people, online image is a conscious part of who they are. It is something they stay hyper-aware of because they know it can affect what opportunities they have presented before them as well as their bottom line. This is most obvious when someone holds a major operational role in a business, but individuals need online reputation monitoring as well.

Even Good People Need Protection

When many people think of protecting a reputation, they think of damage control after something has gone wrong. Maybe news of a DUI gets leaked about a manager in a big company. Or maybe someone made a statement on Twitter that can be interpreted as prejudiced in some way. Even things said offline can be taken out of context and show up on social media. Facial recognition software can pick up harmless images and present them the wrong way in some cases,

Many of the “harmless” quizzes on Facebook or simple questions are designed to help hackers steal information, and can easily lead to a person needing internet privacy solutions. Common things like the name of a childhood pet or a favorite teacher are commonly used as passwords or as security questions that can help those with unsavory motives get into personal or financial accounts. Even children are not immune to online dangers. Before they are given unsupervised time online, it is important to have serious discussions about what information they tell others, not only for their own safety but for the entire family’s. Keep an eye on what other family members do as well. One “black sheep” can taint a much larger portion of the flock. You don’t have to be an influencer for your reputation to matter. What you say online, and what is said about you online can be an asset or a liability depending on what is found.

Watch Whoo You Do Business With

One of the best and worst things about the Internet is that anyone can use it for their entrepreneurial ventures. If you’re looking to make an honest buck, that can be a great thing. Unfortunately the less honest people also get through as well. Be careful about who you provide personal information to, including credit card information, birth dates, address information, and especially social security information. Make sure the site is secure, and that the business has a good reputation with the Better Business Bureau.

You Don’t Have to Do It Alone

Keeping track of everything that you do and what others associated with you can be an exhausting venture, that most don’t have time to track on a regular basis BY taking advantage of online reputation monitoring this is much easier to manage. We can go across social media platforms that you may not even use, but that still may know who you are. At Net Reputation, we identify potential threats and help you decide how to deal with them, so you keep your best foot forward online and off.


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