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Ways a  CMMS Software Aids Remote Work

For a long time work had all been about getting to the office. Only a few workplaces and freelancers believed workers could operate from anywhere in the world as long as they deliver.

Fast forward to now when almost every workplace has embraced remote work following the coronavirus pandemic. Given the various benefits companies have realized with working from home, not many will be going back to the brick and motor offices.

Instead, companies are looking for the best way to aid efficiency when working remotely. Of all the systems, the Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) software has proven the most effective.

Here are some of the ways CMMS works perfectly for remote work.

  • Ease of Requesting for Maintenance

Most companies before relied on face-to-face communication. Any updates or need for regular maintenance would be communicated directly to the maintenance team. However, when working from home, the physical interaction is all eliminated.

Employees can now use the intuitive request portal on the CMMS software to request maintenance. The portal allows you to include all the necessary data for the maintenance team when making the request. It also comes with higher chances of consideration as the system will keep the request pending until the maintenance is complete.

The CMMS also makes it easier for the technicians to work on the various projects given the data-packed work order templates. It also has customizable checklists and manuals.

  • Prompt Scheduling of Employees

Most companies tend to have downtime and uptimes depending on the seasons. Without reliable data, you won’t be able to schedule the workforce depending on the customer traffic. With fewer employees available, services delivery takes longer hence you might end up with dissatisfied clients. If the employees are more than enough then you will still struggle to compensate in the future.

For proper planning, the CMMS software allows you accurate data for team scheduling. You also get to monitor the team results instead of only viewing the activity. With the results, you get to understand the best time to place the various employees.

  • Performance management

Given the lack of direct supervision, most companies worry about low output from their workers. With a CMMS system you don’t have to worry given the specialized reporting facility.

The report looks into how the team meets the various Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The company can then use these reports to determine ways to improve performance and also on employee appraisals.

  • Established Communication Channel

Working remotely means employees cannot interact with the leadership and other colleagues. This makes it hard to communicate promptly. While most places rely on mobile devices, they are quite disruptive.

For communication, CMMS software provides a dependable bulletin board to communicate any important information. The system also allows personal communication and supports sharing of files in various formats.


While several companies found it hard to embrace remote work, CMMS systems have made the whole process seamless. Whether you are looking for communication, reporting, or scheduling, the system has got it all. You only need to research widely to find the right system for your company.

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