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Patrick Lucchese and His Philanthropical Efforts 

As the son of a surgeon, Patrick Lucchese learned very early how important helping others is. His father used many of his resources and expertise to help the less fortunate by giving them free surgeries. This had an impact on Patrick and made him understand that giving back is an important part of life. He has strived to help others both through his business and through his purely philanthropic efforts. He realizes the importance of giving back, and he tries to make the biggest difference he can in people’s lives.

Helping Business Owners With IPOs

When Patrick Lucchese went into business, he wanted to help those who need it. He founded a specialty consulting firm that works with business owners to help them make their initial public offering. He has met many business owners over the years while doing his job, and he has found that many of the business owners have a background of living in poverty. He has seen firsthand many times just how powerful it can be when a person works hard to get out of poverty. He has also seen just how powerful a person’s mindset is to what they can accomplish.

Helping the Poverty Stricken

Seeing the many positives that come from people leaving poverty and creating success for themselves and jobs for others has made Patrick Lucchese interested in philanthropy that can cause those changes. He was involved with a wide range of philanthropic efforts before he decided to make a concentrated effort in one area. He chose a favela that was full of residents living in poverty and sponsored many of the people within it to make a big difference in their lives. The help he provides is essential for allowing people a better quality of life and to make sure their basic needs are met.

He regularly travels to the favela to talk to the people he sponsors and hear about their issues. He makes sure that they get food regularly and even provides them with blankets in the winter. He works closely with residents to work on solutions to their problems. He sometimes helps them with specific problems such as paying for surgery and other medical care for the residents.

A Change of Mindset

The help he provides to the impoverished doesn’t just help the people there with their basic needs. It can also help change their mindset. With basic needs covered, they can focus on working to get out of poverty. It can help them to have a mindset of hope and to make goals for themselves. Patrick Lucchese knows what a big difference a mindset can be. A change of mindset can change everything for someone who has been struggling to get by. When he offers his philanthropy, it changes hearts and minds as well as circumstances. It’s an important way to help the community and to make it stronger and more full of hope.

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