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Bitcoin Mixer: How It Works, Where to Use It, and Best Web Mixer

What is bitcoin mixer?

bitcoin mixer (or tumbler) is a service that mixes different streams of potentially identifiable cryptocurrency. This improves the anonymity of transactions, as it makes it harder to trace the source of the coins. Bitcoin mixers work by breaking down one’s funds into smaller sets and then mixing it with other transactions. This means that the recipient gets the same value of bitcoin but with a different set of coins, making it more difficult to trace. Bitcoin mixers also have a small fee associated with them to further obscure any possible footprints. Some of the popular bitcoin mixers allow even small amounts of coins to be mixed, and offer features like no registration, fast exchange processing, the option to set an artificial delay, up to 5 output addresses, and an affiliate program.

Mixing different streams of cryptocurrency is a bitcoin mixer’s job.

How does bitcoin mixer work?

Bitcoin mixers, also referred to as tumblers, washing services, or laundries, offer users the opportunity to hide the history of their past transactions. Bitcoin is a confidential currency, yet the addresses from which the currency was sent and to which the currency was transferred are still recorded in the public register (Blockchain).

Bitcoin mixers work by taking the user’s coins, splitting them up into many parts, and then randomly mixing them with the coins of other users. After the mixing process is complete, the sender’s crypto deposit is returned, minus a service fee, with pieces of addresses belonging to other random, unrelated clients.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how a bitcoin mixer works:

  1. Gather the coins that you wish to mix and select a bitcoin mixer.
  2. Deposit the coins into the mixer’s wallet.
  3. The mixer will split your coins into many parts, mixing them with other user’s coins.
  4. The mixer will send the coins to anonymous wallets that have no connection to you or your coins.
  5. The coins are then sent back to you, minus the service fee, in completely anonymous form.
  6. The entire process is complete within a few hours.

Where to use bitcoin mixer?

1. Bitcoin Transactions

A Bitcoin mixer is a service that helps users to break the links between their transactions and their identities. By using a Bitcoin mixer, users are able to obscure the trail of their cryptocurrency transactions and ensure better privacy for their financial activities.

A Bitcoin mixer can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

  1. Anonymizing transactions—Bitcoin mixers can be used to “mix” coins from multiple sources, making it harder to trace where the coins came from.
  2. Blocking address clustering—Address clustering is a way to identify a user based on the pattern of their transactions. Bitcoin mixers can be used to prevent address clustering and protect user identity.
  3. Enhancing privacy—Bitcoin mixers can be used to enhance privacy by breaking the link between a user’s transactions and their real-world identity.
  4. Preventing blockchain analysis—By using a Bitcoin mixer, users can prevent blockchain analysis, which involves using privacy leaks to analyze the blockchain.
  5. Increasing transaction speed—Bitcoin mixers can be used to increase transaction speed by taking coins from multiple sources and combining them.
  6. Increasing security—Bitcoin mixers can also be used to increase security by providing a layer of obfuscation, making it harder for third-parties to track transactions.

2. Privacy-Conscious Payments

Bitcoin mixing is a great way to make privacy-conscious payments. Here are some examples:

  1. Buying Contraception: A teenager from a conservative family might want to purchase contraception without her parents finding out. By using a Bitcoin mixer, she can make her payments without her parents being able to trace the transaction.
  2. Donating Money to a Political Cause: A Democrat in a Republican town may want to donate money to his favored politician without drawing the ire of his neighbours. With a Bitcoin mixer, he can make his donations anonymously and without anyone knowing.
  3. Paying a Journalist Anonymously: A dissident pseudonymous journalist may want to get paid for his articles without the regime in his country finding out who he is. With a Bitcoin mixer, he can make his payments anonymously, without anyone being able to trace it back to him.
  4. Protecting Your Wealth: A wealthy Bitcoiner may not want to reveal his holdings as it would make him a target for kidnapping, extortion or worse. By using a Bitcoin mixer, he can make his payments anonymously and without anyone knowing his financial situation.

3. Avoiding KYC Scrutiny

Using a bitcoin mixer can help to avoid KYC scrutiny by allowing users to conceal their identity and financial transactions. By mixing coins, users can disassociate their BTC from their identity, which allows them to use their funds without having to disclose their identity and financial details to third parties. This allows users to retain their privacy and keep their financial activities hidden from potential scrutiny. Additionally, mixing coins can also help to protect users from potential real-life threats, such as criminals who could use their transaction history to target them. Thus, using a bitcoin mixer serves as an effective way to maintain financial privacy and security.

4. Trading Bitcoin

You can use a bitcoin mixer, also known as a tumbler, to trade Bitcoin anonymously on centralized cryptocurrency exchanges. For example, Bitcoin Magazine’s Aug 11, 2020 article on Cryptocurrency provides a guide on how to mix your coins and regain your anonymity. Additionally, Bitcoin Magazine’s Aug 17, 2020 and Jun 12, 2020 guides provide more details on how to mix coins and where to find a reliable Bitcoin mixer. Furthermore, Iulia Vasile’s 7 September 2021 article on Blockchain & Crypto and Rahul Nambiampurath’s 2 December 2021 article on Blockchain & Crypto provide up to date information on the best Bitcoin mixers and tumblers available.

5. Staying Safe From Hacks

Using a Bitcoin mixer can help you stay safe from hacks by providing a layer of anonymity and privacy, as well as fully and completely deleting all transactions and order histories within 48 hours of a successful mix. The website is also Tor-Friendly, which further protects the user’s personal information and ensuring that they remain anonymous. Additionally, two-factor authentication is required to access Bitcoin addresses ranking, which provides an enhanced level of security.

6. Protecting User Anonymity

Using a bitcoin mixer helps protect user anonymity by breaking the link between a user’s identity and their transactions on the blockchain network. This prevents third parties such as businesses, advertising companies, and criminals from monitoring a user’s financial behavior or accessing their transaction history.

A bitcoin mixer works by scrambling the user’s bitcoin into multiple separate outputs and then mixing those outputs with other users’ coins. This ensures that the user’s bitcoin cannot be traced back to them and their identity remains a secret. This also helps to make it difficult for anyone to track the source of the funds. Additionally, bitcoin mixers usually offer a high level of privacy and security, as all transactions and order histories are deleted after 48 hours.

Using a bitcoin mixer is an effective way to protect user anonymity and ensure privacy when transacting with cryptocurrencies. It provides a secure and reliable way for users to transact with peace of mind knowing that their identity is protected.

7. Avoiding Currency Exchange Fees

Using a bitcoin mixer can help avoid currency exchange fees, which can provide a significant benefit. By mixing the coins, users can convert their cryptocurrency from one form to another without incurring any fees, allowing them to save money. Furthermore, using a bitcoin mixer can also provide additional anonymity, making it more difficult for anyone to trace transactions. This can provide an added layer of security for users, allowing them to keep their transactions private.

8. Increasing Anonymity in Transactions

Using a bitcoin mixer can increase anonymity in transactions by breaking the link between one’s transactions and their real-world identity. By mixing one’s funds with other people’s funds, the original source of the funds can be obscured, making it difficult to trace the transactions back to the owner. Additionally, mixing services can exchange the user’s bitcoins for different ones that cannot be associated with the original owner, thus further protecting the user’s identity and privacy. This is important, as third parties can trace Bitcoin transactions, including when a user receives a significant number of Bitcoins.

Instead of relying heavily on advanced cryptographic techniques (cryptography) like zero-knowledge proofs, zero-knowledge mixers rely on a more simplistic approach: they allow two parties to share information without them knowing the other party’s secret. This advantage is significant because it allows for more scalable implementations.

The best web-based mixers

1. Coinomize.biz

Coinomize stands out among other web-based mixers for its automated coin cleaning services, low commission fees, and its ability to combine the functions of a mixer and a swapper. The service requires only one confirmation of the transaction, and users have the option to manually enter a time delay for the operations. In addition, Coinomize.biz offers users the ability to set a transaction delay of up to 72 hours, and a minimum amount of 0.0015 BTC for mixing. Furthermore, Coinomize.biz provides technical support for its users and allows them to independently set the size of the commission fee for their transactions, which helps to increase the anonymity of operations. Coinomize is designed for high-volume bitcoin transactions.

2. ChipMixer

ChipMixer is a great web-based mixer for bitcoin because of its features that help maintain user privacy and anonymity. It has pre-funded wallets to facilitate the service, which help protect users from blockchain tracking software. Additionally, users can customize their transactions by splitting, merging, betting, or donating their chips. Furthermore, there are no transaction fees and users receive a private key to switch addresses to avoid detection. Lastly, ChipMixer allows users to mix even small amounts of coins, has an intuitive interface, and offers an affiliate program and loyalty rewards for regular users. These features make ChipMixer an excellent choice for anyone looking to protect their identity and privacy when sending and receiving bitcoin.

3. Samurai Wallet

The Samurai Wallet is a popular web-based mixer that utilizes the Chaumian CoinJoin mixing technique to help obfuscate users’ coin trails and protect their privacy. This wallet offers a user-friendly interface to help distinguish between mixed coins and non-mixed coins, and its design ensures that the operators cannot deanonymize users or steal any funds. Unlike centralized mixers, Samurai Wallet utilizes CoinJoin to combine the inputs of multiple users into a single transaction, thereby providing plausible deniability as no one can point out which entity owns each output. Additionally, the wallet encourages users to connect their wallet to their own full Bitcoin node in order to ensure enhanced privacy. The Samurai Wallet is a popular web-based mixer due to its ability to effectively protect users’ privacy and anonymity while also providing a user-friendly interface.

4. BitMix

BitMix is a great web-based mixer because it offers a number of features that make it highly secure and anonymous. It has a unique mix code system which prevents users from accidentally receiving their own coins when making a mix. It also allows up to 10 output addresses to receive the clean coins, allowing users to divide up the bitcoin as they wish. BitMix also has flexible service fees based on the desired anonymity level, and a random miner fee is added to each transaction so that transactions are not identifiable by this possible footprint. Additionally, it has three levels of mixing pools (alpha, beta, gamma) and a graphical meter which shows the mixing strength of the transaction. All logs are cleared after the transfer and there is also an affiliate program and reward system for regular users. BitMix is a great choice for those looking to stay safe and protected when using bitcoin.

5. SmartMixer

SmartMixer is an excellent web-based mixer due to its ease of use, high level of anonymity, and additional tools and benefits. It offers a fast and reliable transaction process, with a low fee of 0.5% per transaction and a flat base fee of 0.0001 BTC for each payout address. Furthermore, users are not required to register or provide any personal data, making the platform completely anonymous. The confirmation of each operation is done via a letter of guarantee that is sent to the user, and all transaction data is deleted after 24 hours, ensuring utmost privacy. With its three levels of mixing pools, a graphical meter to show the mixing strength of the transaction, and the option to set a random delay, SmartMixer is a great choice for those who need to mix their coins quickly and securely.

6. CryptoMixer

CryptoMixer is an online bitcoin mixer. It is built with input from the BitcoinTalk community and offers a Letter of Guarantee for each transaction, making it a secure and untraceable service. CryptoMixer also has a cryptocurrency reserve of over 2000 BTC, allowing users to take advantage of the service without having to wait for others to send in coins.

CryptoMixer also has a number of features that make it a great candidate for web-based mixing. First, it offers a zero-log policy, meaning that all user data is kept confidential to third-parties. Additionally, it utilizes advanced encryption methods, ensuring a high degree of data protection. Furthermore, it has a low service fee of 0.5% + 0.0005 BTC and allows users to customize their mixing to make it impossible for third-party to spot the connections between addresses. Finally, CryptoMixer has a graphical meter that allows users to track the mixing strength of their transaction.

Overall, CryptoMixer is an ideal candidate for web-based mixing because it offers high-level security, low fees, and a number of features that make it user-friendly.

7. BitBlender

BitBlender is a popular web-based bitcoin mixer which helps to secure the identity of its users. It works by shuffling the coins of its users using its unique algorithms and its reserve of 2000 BTC coins. It offers a range of features and advantages over other bitcoin mixers, including its own reserve of coins, unique algorithms for cleaning bitcoin addresses, technical support 24/7, an affiliate program and discounts, an option to manually set the transaction time delay, the ability to use SegWit and betch32 addresses, automatic deletion of user information after transactions, the ability to include up to eight addresses for withdrawal of cryptocurrency, a regular URL and a pseudo .onion top-level domain (for browsing via Tor and Darknet).

BitBlender is popular because of its user-friendly interface which makes it ideal for beginner users, its low minimum deposit fee which allows users to experiment with the service, its ability to use VPN or Tor for added security and its fast transaction processing with a three blockchain confirmation requirement. It also offers a “No Data Retention” policy which ensures that all transaction data is deleted after 24 hours from completion, the ability to track transactions in real-time and a Letter of Guarantee which ensures that the address is generated by their servers. The support of up to eight bitcoin addresses also adds an extra layer of protection. BitBlender is a secure and reliable way to mix and anonymize bitcoins.

8. Mixer.money

Mixer.money is a great choice for web-based mixing due to its efficient, secure, and anonymous service. It is TOR-friendly, meaning that it can be used with maximum anonymity and privacy. The transaction processing is extremely slow, taking up to 6 hours, and users can mix any amount ranging from 0.003 to 50 BTC with the option to add a delay before the transfer. Moreover, Mixer.Money has two blending algorithms and offers up to 5 output addresses. The service fee is 4-5% per transaction, and there is an additional fee for each output address. All transaction data are automatically deleted after 48 hours, providing a high level of confidentiality. Furthermore, users do not need to register to use the service, making it even more secure. Finally, there is also a system of rewards and discounts for regular users, making the service even more attractive. All of these features make Mixer.Money a great choice for web-based mixing.

9. Wasabi Wallet

Wasabi Wallet is a popular bitcoin wallet that offers a Chaumian CoinJoin mixer built-in to its infrastructure. Unlike other centralized mixers, Wasabi Wallet is cleverly designed so that the operators cannot deanonymize users or steal any funds. It also has an easy-to-use user interface that makes it easy for users to distinguish between mixed and non-mixed coins.

The biggest benefit of Wasabi Wallet is its privacy features. The CoinJoin mixer helps obfuscate a user’s transaction trail, providing plausible deniability. Since the transactions are merged into one and each user receives back the original quantity, no one can tell which entity owns each output. Furthermore, the larger the number of participants, the higher the degree of deniability.

Wasabi Wallet is an excellent tool for those looking for anonymous transactions. It is a great alternative to centralized mixers, which can be vulnerable to data sharing and security breaches. Additionally, Wasabi Wallet is available on both desktop and mobile, so users can conveniently and securely manage their tokens.


What are the benefits of using a Bitcoin Mixer?

The benefits of using a Bitcoin Mixer include:

  1. Complete anonymity when it comes to crypto transactions.
  2. No registration required.
  3. Fast exchange processing with the option to set an artificial delay.
  4. Up to 5 output addresses are allowed.
  5. Exchange logs are cleared after the transfer.
  6. Affiliate programs and a system of rewards and discounts for regular users.
  7. Guarding against the accidental receiving of your own bitcoins again at a later date.
  8. Giving the option to divide your bitcoins between up to ten addresses.
  9. Flexible service fees based on the strength of anonymity desired.
  10. Random miner fees added to each transaction.
  11. Three levels of mixing pools (alpha, beta and gamma).
  12. Graphical meter to show the mixing strength of the transaction.
  13. TOR-friendly Bitcoin mixing.
  14. Quick service, with mixing taking up to six hours.
  15. Ability to mix funds ranging from 0.0015 to 500 BTC.

What is the difference between a Bitcoin Mixer and a Bitcoin Tumbler?

The main difference between a Bitcoin Mixer and a Bitcoin Tumbler is how they work. A Bitcoin Mixer is a software service that takes your funds and mixes them together with other transactions, making it difficult to trace the original coins back to you. This process is also known as Bitcoin Tumbling. On the other hand, a Bitcoin Tumbler is a peer-to-peer service that acts as a meeting place for Bitcoin users. This enables them to exchange funds without exposing the details of the origin and destination of the transaction. Both services offer a way to anonymize your bitcoins, but the way in which they do it is different.

A Bitcoin Mixer requires a fee for its service and the fees are usually between 1% and 5%. It also deletes all transaction history logs after 24 hours, making it almost impossible to track the funds. A Bitcoin Tumbler, on the other hand, is free of charge and offers a more decentralized approach. The users of the service are completely unaware of each other’s Bitcoin addresses and the transactions are almost untraceable.

In conclusion, although both services offer an effective way to hide your Bitcoin transactions, a Bitcoin Mixer is probably the best choice if you’re looking for maximum privacy and anonymity.

Where can I find the best Bitcoin Mixer service?

Are you looking for the best Bitcoin Mixer service? If so, you are in luck. After extensive research, we have narrowed down the best Bitcoin Mixers to help you make your decision.

Coinomize is a great option if you want to completely defeat blockchain analysis. It has an innovative mix code system that will guard against the accidental receiving of your own Bitcoins and allows you to receive clean coins on up to ten addresses. They also offer flexible service fees based on the strength of anonymity you desire.

Blender.io is another excellent choice as it uses up to eight Bitcoin addresses, which is more than some other Bitcoin blenders offer. They also have a minimum and maximum amount for each transaction, with the fee being a percentage of that amount. Plus, they have a random miner fee which makes their transactions non-identifiable.

OnionWallet and EasyCoin are two more high-volume Bitcoin mixing services on the darknet that have been around since 2012. They have a great reputation and offer a high degree of anonymity when it comes to Bitcoin mixing.

Finally, MyCryptoMixer is a reliable and secure Bitcoin mixer that offers full anonymity and privacy. It has an intuitive interface, no registration required and fast exchange processing with the option to set an artificial delay. Plus, it also has an affiliate program and a system of rewards and discounts for regular users.

Each of these Bitcoin mixers can serve you well, but it comes down to your specific needs to decide which is the best Bitcoin Mixer for you. Be sure to read all the details carefully and do your own research before making a decision.

How do I use a Bitcoin Mixer to make a transaction?

Step 1: Choose a Bitcoin Mixer

Before you can use a Bitcoin mixer, you need to choose a reliable and reputable service. You can look at user reviews and comparison sites to make sure you are choosing the right one.

Step 2: Send your funds

Once you have selected a Bitcoin mixer, you need to send the funds you want to mix to the mixer’s address. The mixer will accept a variety of cryptocurrencies and will often give you a unique address to send your funds to.

Step 3: Select a mixing algorithm

Most Bitcoin mixers offer a selection of mixing algorithms. These algorithms determine how your funds will be split up and mixed with other users’ funds. Select the one that best suits your needs.

Step 4: Choose output addresses

You will then need to choose how many output addresses you want your funds to be sent to. You can select up to five output addresses and specify the amount of funds you want to send to each.

Step 5: Pay the fee

Most Bitcoin mixers will charge you a fee for their services. This fee is usually a percentage of the amount you are sending. Make sure you check the fee structure before you send your funds.

Step 6: Monitor the progress

Once your funds have been sent, you can track the progress of your transaction via the Bitcoin mixer’s website. You should receive a notification once your transaction is complete.

Step 7: Receive your funds

Once the transaction is complete, your mixed funds will be sent to the output addresses you specified. The process of mixing your funds typically takes around six hours, but can take longer depending on the transaction volume.

How much does a Bitcoin Mixer cost?

The cost of a Bitcoin mixer can vary depending on the service and the features you need. Each mixer has its own service fee, which can range from 0.0015 BTC for each Bitcoin address to 1-5% of the transaction amount. Additionally, some services have a minimum and a maximum amount for each transaction, and the fee is usually a percentage of that amount.

Coinomize is the only Bitcoin mixer that has been proven to completely defeat blockchain analysis, and it charges a flexible service fee based on the strength of anonymity you desire. UltraMixer charges a flat rate of 0.002 BTC for each Bitcoin address and 0.5% of the overall transaction. Finally, Blender.io has a welcome minimum deposit fee, which you can use to experiment with the service.

What is the best Bitcoin Mixer for privacy?

When it comes to finding the best Bitcoin Mixer for privacy, there are a few key features to consider. First, it is important to look for mixers that are exclusively available on the dark web as a Tor hidden service, as this ensures the highest levels of anonymity. Furthermore, a good Bitcoin Mixer should offer flexible service fees, based on the strength of anonymity desired, and a random miner fee should be added in order to prevent any transaction footprints.

In addition, the Bitcoin Mixer should have multiple mixing pools, ideally up to three, to guarantee maximum anonymity. Furthermore, it should offer a graphical meter to show the mixing strength of the transaction and should provide the possibility to set up a maximum of ten addresses to receive clean coins on the same mix. Lastly, a good Bitcoin Mixer should also offer the guarantee of breaking the link between a certain Bitcoin address and the identity of its owner.

In this regard, Coinomize.biz is one of the best Bitcoin Mixers available today. It has algorithms to mix Bitcoin, which make up 95% of the current market volume. Coinomize also ensures the complete anonymity of its customers by breaking the connection between the Bitcoin address and its owner. It also has a mix code system which prevents the accidental receiving of one’s own coins at a later date.

Ultimately, when it comes to finding the best Bitcoin Mixer for privacy, it is important to consider all of the features mentioned above. While there are a few different Mixers available, Coinomize is one of the best ones currently available and offers the highest levels of anonymity and privacy.

How secure is a Bitcoin Mixer?

When it comes to security, Bitcoin mixers are one of the safest and most reliable options for protecting one’s identity and transactions. These mixers are designed to completely break the connection between a particular Bitcoin address and its owner’s identity, and the process is done without any personal details such as emails or usernames being requested or stored.

In addition, services such as Coinomize have been proven to defeat blockchain analysis, and they offer users a maximum of ten addresses to receive clean coins with a flexible service fee, based on the desired strength of anonymity. Moreover, a random miner fee is added to each transaction in order to make Coinomize transactions unidentifiable.

Furthermore, there are currently no laws that prohibit people from using a Bitcoin mixer, though users should note that the funds being mixed could potentially be illegal. However, if used with caution and a keen eye for research into the service being used, Bitcoin mixers can be a very effective way of achieving the highest levels of privacy and security.

Are Bitcoin Mixers legal in all countries?

No, Bitcoin mixers are not legal in all countries. While there is no specific law that prohibits the use of mixers, the use of such services can lead to money laundering charges in some jurisdictions. Furthermore, some countries have banned the use of bitcoin mixers and other decentralized mixing services due to their potential use in criminal activities. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the use of a Bitcoin mixer is legal in your country before using one.

What is Coinomize.biz?

Coinomize.biz is a popular online Bitcoin mixing service that allows users to mix even small amounts of coins anonymously, quickly, and securely. It offers an intuitive user interface, no registration, fast exchange processing with the option to set an artificial delay, up to 5 output addresses, and the clearing of exchange logs after the transfer. It also features an affiliate program, rewards and discounts for regular users, and a manual time delay for operations. The fees set by Coinomize.biz are among the lowest in the field, with a commission fee of only 1.5% of the total amount. Additionally, it combines the functions of a mixer and a tumbler. The minimum amount of coins for mixing is 0.0015 BTC, and transactions are processed immediately after 1 confirmation of the deposit. As a security feature, users have the option to set a transaction delay of up to 72 hours. Finally, the service provides round-the-clock technical support.

How Coinomize works?

Coinomize is an automated coin cleaning service that guarantees users the anonymity of their payments. Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose the cryptocurrency you want to exchange, the destination address, and the delay time for the mixing process.
  2. If this is not the first time you are using the service, enter the mixing code you received the last time.
  3. Select the commission amount you want to pay. The higher the commission, the more secure the transaction will be.
  4. Transfer the desired amount of coins to the Coinomize platform.
  5. Receive a letter of guarantee with a unique code. This code allows you to exclude the bitcoins you sent earlier from the mixing process.
  6. Your coins will go into a common “pot” and get mixed with coins from the Coinomize reserve.
  7. After the mixing process is complete, clean coins will be transferred to the specified address.
  8. Save the letter of guarantee with the code for future transactions.
  9. All data about the operation will be automatically deleted two days after the transaction.

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