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9 Popular Reasons Why Australia Is a Top Migration Destination

There are several reasons why a person or family may consider migrating to Australia. Sometimes it’s as simple as following a job opportunity. Other times, families leave their birth countries in search of a better quality of life.

Fortunately, although strict rules apply, Australia has a reputation for making the migration process easy as possible. Not only do they offer detailed migration criteria, but also provide the container fumigation services Melbourne residents and companies make use of.

Common Reasons Why Australia is a Destination of Choice

Migrating to another country is a life-changing event and can be stressful and expensive. That’s why it’s important to do as much research as possible on your prospective new country. With that in mind, our experts have compiled a list of the top reasons why Australia is still a popular migration choice in 2022.

1.      Improved Quality of Life

One of the top reasons why Australia is such a popular option has to do with the quality of life people experience. This comes down to a combination of factors that blend well to give you a better style of living, including:

  • Low crime rate
  • Work opportunities
  • General safety
  • Salary scale
  • Education system
  • Healthcare

2.      Best Cities to Live In

According to a survey that’s done by The Economist every year, Melbourne and several other Australian cities have been voted among the best cities to live in. In fact, Melbourne had occupied a top position for seven consecutive years.

Melbourne received an overall rating of 97.5% based on the following criteria:

  • Healthcare
  • Culture
  • Education
  • Stability
  • Environment
  • Infrastructure

3.      Strength of the Economy

Another enormous plus point for potential emigrants is the strength of the Australian economy.

The Australian dollar is reputed to be one of the safest currencies in the world.

Additionally, the minimum wage is considerably higher than in many other countries. This makes it much easier for immigrants to afford food and accommodation rental regardless of what sector they’re working in.

4.      Top-Notch Education System

People with young families will be delighted to know that the Australian education system provides free or subsidised education for primary secondary and even tertiary education. Moreover, our education system works with a holistic approach, emphasising student interaction, general education and even sports involvement.

5.      Excellent Healthcare

Australia’s Medicare system provides the country’s residents with access to an extensive range of health care services. For the most part, medical care is free in public hospitals and prescription medications are available at affordable rates.

Once an immigrant becomes an Australian citizen, they are entitled to a range of medical benefits which include:

  • Free treatment in public hospitals
  • Subsidised or free treatment by professionals such as doctors, specialists and optometrists
  • 75% of the Medicare fee for necessary procedures for private patients

6.      Wonderful Weather

You might think the weather isn’t really a big deal. But many people who move from warmer climates to predominately colder climates often suffer from seasonal depression.

Luckily, since it’s located in the southern hemisphere, you can expect hot summers from December to January and winter from July to August. Generally, Australians enjoy an average of 3000 hot, sunshine hours every year which is a far cry from the estimated 1493 experienced in the UK.

In addition to the wonderful weather, you’ll be delighted to learn that Australia has no fewer than 10,685 beaches! Clean sandy beaches and warm oceans are extremely inviting for surfing, swimming, picnics, volleyball and sunbathing.

7.      Better Job Opportunities

It’s no secret that Australia is well known for offering great job opportunities. Shorter hours and higher pay make our job market very appealing for skilled emigrants. The minimum wage is also considerably higher than in most other countries.

8.      Easy Pathway to Citizenship

Once a new arrival becomes a permanent resident, they can eventually qualify to become an Australian citizen. Other processes such as visa applications, dual citizenship and even arranging shipping container transport for your belongings are relatively easy.

9.      Exceptional Food

Often a factor that people need to get used to is the food in a new country. Depending on where you move to, this can be quite an adjustment. Fortunately, the food in Australia is exceptional.

With fast-food chains, several Michelin star restaurants and cafés all over Australia, you’re guaranteed to find just the right food your family enjoys. There are also many authentic restaurants featuring everything from Vietnamese and Italian to Chinese food.

For people who enjoy the coffee culture, there are many independent cafés to choose from where you can enjoy some incredible brews. Some coffee enthusiasts regard Australian coffee as among the best globally.

Final Thought

With our extensive list, it’s easy to see why Australia is a popular migration destination. Everything from warm weather to potentially better salaries can benefit your whole family. If you’re contemplating a move to increase your quality of life, the Australian way of life is well worth considering!

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