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5 Items That’s Surprisingly Better to Rent Than Buy in Melbourne

Take a look around your home. In general, in today’s society, we probably own more belongings than our grandparents or their parents. In a world of gadgets and flashy new upgrades, we always want the next trendy thing.

Unfortunately, though you may want more, it’s not always feasible for your budget. In some instances, it might be better to rent items—especially when you won’t use them long term at home or for your business. Examples include certain electronics and the Franna crane hire Melbourne construction companies are opting for. Read on for a list of items it may be better to rent than own.

Renting—Easier Than Ever

Whether for a minimalist approach or lack of capital and space, many people are opting to rent rather than buy. Fortunately, it’s easy to rent just about everything these days. Let’s take a closer look at what you should be planning to rent from now on.

1.      Electronics and Accessories

Years ago, the general perspective was to keep electronic items until they broke. In most cases, families had one TV in the lounge. These days, each kid has their own TV and even an entertainment system in their own rooms. That’s a lot more capital families need to sustain this lifestyle.

In addition, consumers don’t necessarily replace electronics when they break, but rather when a newer, better model is available. Doesn’t it make more sense to rent these TVs with an option to upgrade as needed?

The same can be said for Xbox consoles, PlayStations and the games that go along with them. A dedicated gamer can play through a game in a matter of days and often doesn’t return to the same game once they’ve “beat it.” So, instead of paying a fortune for games to gather dust on your shelf, why not opt to rent them?

2.      Construction Equipment and Tools

Construction equipment and power tools can be very expensive. Additionally, they may not be needed every day at home or even on every job site. Bigger equipment may also require storage, which leads to additional costs.

Equipment rental such as the crane truck hire Melbourne businesses are opting for, make it easier for construction companies to hire what they need at a fraction of the cost. Another advantage of renting equipment is that you can use the machine only for as long as you need without having to allocate funds to storage or maintenance expenses.

3.      Your Holiday Boat

Any boat owner will tell you that a boat is an endless pit of maintenance costs. In addition, there are docking fees and transport costs to move your boat around. For many people, it makes more sense to rent a boat, especially if you’re just a “once in while” boating enthusiast.

Similarly, renting a boat gives you the choice of a range of models to pick from. You can rent a yacht for family holidays and on weekends—when it’s time for fishing—rather book a smaller fishing boat. Essentially, you’re renting what you need when you need it.

4.      Wedding Outfits

You might think wedding outfits don’t belong on this list? Then you’ve clearly never had to buy a wedding dress! It’s expensive!

While weddings are special, it isn’t always necessary to spend so much money on one single outfit. Very few brides ever reuse their wedding dresses or even pass them on to a next generation. So, rather rent! The bridesmaid dresses, tuxedos and parents’ outfits can also be rented for a fraction of the price. This is not a bad idea considering many wedding outfits end up at the back of a closet or just in the way. Rather spend a smaller amount on outfits and use the extra money in your budget toward the reception or your honeymoon.

5.      Sports Equipment

As with everything else on our list, it’s equally easy to rent sports equipment these days. Of course, if you’re training for the Olympics or the PGA, then you’ll need to buy your gear. But seasonal items such as snowboards, water skis and scuba gear which you don’t use every weekend can be costly to buy. This makes renting the wiser option. Renting is also an ideal option for bikes you need for holiday hiking trails, especially when you leave it in the garage unused for most of the year.

Not only will you save money, but storage space as well.

A word to the wise, don’t hire from rental agencies closest to where you practice the sport. They’re often the most expensive. Also, be sure to discuss the “return condition” with the agency in case of any breakages.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, our list of items that are more budget-friendly to rent will get you thinking the next time you need a machine or piece of equipment for single use. While it’s nice to own things, it’s unnecessary to spend a fortune on items that you don’t use regularly. Rather use the saved cash on other hobbies and interests!

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