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5 Benefits of Using Height Safety Experts for Your Roofing Business

Whether you’re running a small or large roofing business, the risks associated with this type of work stay the same. And you can’t ignore these hazards because you need to keep your workers safe. Having the right advice, tools and equipment goes a long way to ensuring your team is secure at all times whenever they’re doing roofing work.

With most countries demanding stringent adherence to height safety regulations, it’s clear that roofing businesses can’t afford to be complacent when doing work on top of buildings. Fortunately, roofers can turn to height safety experts for work safety advice, installation of components such as roof anchor points and certification of such equipment.

5 Benefits of Using Height Safety Experts for Your Roofing Business

1. Keeps You On the Right Side of the Law

There’s no doubt that working at heights puts workers at a higher risk. It’s one of the leading causes of death in countries such as Australia and roofing business owners are responsible for any person working up high. By law, you’re required to ensure the safe entry of workers to roofs while equipping them with the right tools and gear for the task.

Stringent safety standards include providing fall protection or arrest systems as well as work positioning structures that support a person working at height. Height safety experts are well-informed and qualified to advise you when it comes to the health and wellbeing of your roofing team.

2. Perform Risk Assessments and Provide Safety Recommendations

Handling roofing jobs requires being fully aware of potential hazards that could result in serious injuries or worse, fatalities. Looking out for protruding objects or identifying slippery surfaces and informing your team before they ascend gives them forewarning of what to look out for when on the roof.

While risk assessment can be performed by yourself or a responsible team manager, height safety experts can also assist. Hiring a professional height safety engineer to assess hazards before sending your team up will mitigate risks such as falls, tripping or hitting heads on overhanging objects. The expert can supply a full assessment and offer safety recommendations based on their findings.

3. Install Compliant Height Safety Equipment

Height safety experts are fully equipped to install equipment such as anchor points, fall protection and arrest systems or a roof safety rail. Using only top-quality materials and manufacturing processes, a reputable height safety company will ensure their equipment complies with local and national regulations. This means you can relax knowing your team is safe when performing roof repairs and maintenance.

Height safety professionals can assist with both permanent and temporary barriers, walkways, equipment and other tools so your workers can navigate safely when on a roof. When picking a height safety company to install equipment, ensure they’re fully compliant with the industry standards for safe work on roofs.

4. Perform Annual Inspections and Issue Certification

Because working at heights is a high-risk activity, authorities require annual inspections to be carried out for anchor points and other equipment. Fall arrest and rope access systems need to be inspected regularly and be certified as safe. A height safety professional is trained to perform annual inspections while looking out for potential risks.

Annual inspections include:

  • Checking personal protection equipment
  • Confirming that roof anchor points meet the safety standard requirements stipulated for the industry
  • Assessing roof access points and equipment

Certification of height safety equipment can only be done once your annual inspection is completed and all equipment is deemed safe.

5. Supply Top-Quality Height Safety Equipment

Having top-quality height safety equipment not only keeps your workers safe but keeps you on the right side of the law! Working with a trustworthy height safety company means you can rely on them to supply you with premium-quality equipment such as:

  • Roof anchor points
  • Roof handrails and walkways
  • Roof platforms
  • Ladders
  • Roof access hatches
  • Additional accessories and items including safety harnesses, lanyards, anchorage connectors, fall prevention kits and load arrestors

Supplying your workers with the best equipment and safety systems reassures them that their wellbeing is paramount when working at heights. And with less to worry about, they can focus on the job and make fewer mistakes.

Final Thoughts

Partnering with a reputable height safety expert has many benefits as listed in this article. It gives your clients peace of mind they’re working with the best person when using your roofing services. Your reputation in the roofing industry will get a boost when you can prove that your statistics show lower numbers of falls and other accidents.

Hiring the services of a height safety professional lets you focus on growing your roofing business while the wellbeing of your workers is being taken care of. So, outsourcing to the experts can benefit everyone involved!

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